DEGIAL – Oslo – Vulkan (Death Metal Night)

DEGIAL – Oslo – Vulkan (Death Metal Night)

Death metal night have risen from the dead and is back some 20+ years after the last incantation.
On the poster is Degial (se), Mion´s Hill (no) and Filthdigger (no).

Filthdigger debuts on the live scene tonight and thier swedeath brand of filthy death metal is for sure something to look forward to more in the future.

Mion´s Hill is going on a little hiatus for the next 3 years so this was the last chance to experience their raw and filthy death metal. The show was tight and powerfull. All instruments where clear and present in the mix and the about 60-70 persons in the audience really got into nasty death metal mood during their 45 minutes. Named after a Sabbat song Mion¨s Hill of course ended the brawl with a really nice interpretation of named song. A perfect ending to a good performance.

Swedens Degial just released their second full-length "Savage Mutiny" (Sepulchral Voice) afther their fabolous debut "Death´s Striking Wings (2012). The album is quite good but when experiencing these maniacs and the material live the songs really grew on me and inspired me to give the album more time.

They put the pedal to the metal from the first note and never lets up. The sound is great and the atmosphere is really pressing. This is death metal at its best and the among 100 persons attending is really getting into their black mass of death.

Death metal night is back and we´re looking forward to the next chapter.