ELFERYA – Eden’s Fall

ELFERYA – Eden’s Fall

Together since 2008, Swiss sextet Elferya on their second full-length "Eden’s Fall" synthesize a melodic/gothic metal blend that is somewhat modern while still containing decent, dynamic slants all their own. Melody Dylem has a semi-operatic nature to her delivery, and yet creates a sense of drama against the heavier guitars for "Ghost of Mary". Playful keyboards from Lionel Blanc give off an 80’s feel during "Cruel Night", while his symphonic and semi-cultural tendencies shine during the instrumental "Across the Earth".

Employing a full-time violinist in Mathilde Sonney makes the acoustic oriented folk ballad "Alone with You" endearing, while the follow up "Metal Hearts" gets Elferya back on the heavier path. The 11 tracks traverse lines that conjure everything from Within Temptation and Xandria to folk metal and even a bit of Evanescence, which could help the group achieve modest in roads through wider touring partners.

Magical material for sure if you love the melodic, gothic, and symphonic metal sub-genres.