INFERNO 2015 – Friday – Part Two – John Dee & Rockefeller

INFERNO 2015 – Friday – Part Two – John Dee & Rockefeller

The third day of this yearly adventure had the least interesting lineup, and yet some hidden treasures were able to slip through.

Goatwhore is a very strong live band, mostly because of some really strong and interesting vocal lines. Every part of the band’s performance was tight and they really seemed in control. Too bad that their audience was so small compared to some of the other bands. The vocalist had an incredible voice, and was by far the most interesting element of the music.

Skeletonwitch was sadly at the other end of the scale, compared to Goatwhore. Tiresome vocals and quite dull music. A bigger audience showed up for this band, and that’s logical as they walked on to the stage later in the evening, but it should have been the other way around. The music did not seem all that tight and the vocal lines ruined the whole mood. Irritating, really.

Dødsengel is one of those visually strong bands that are alot of fun to look at, as well as good musically. The show started with a long sequence of ambient sounds accompanied by some visual clips projected onto the stage. As the band slowly aproached the stae, the sounds got more intense and the energy in the room rose. Tight as ever and dark as ever, this is truly a hidden treasure!

Enslaved live @ Inferno 2015
(Photo: Stig Pallesen)

Enslaved is what they’ve always been. Incredibly tight band, but sadly suffering from the lack of an interesting show. Musically, this is probably one of the most evolved bands in the Norwegian metal scene, and their music is alot of fun to listen to, but visually, they are rather bland. Not to say that Enslaved’s music isn’t interesting enough, but it is just as interesting in your own livingroom with better sound quality (for the most part), so the live show does not become something that draws you enough in to be able to remember it as a greater experience than any other band. It is extra sad, since the band itself is very much enjoyable to listen to.