REPULSOR – Thrash!!

REPULSOR – Thrash!!

The day I received REPULSOR "Trapped in a Nightmare" CD was a good day. The old school thrash metal on the CD made me happy so I sent off a few questions to the band. Here’s the respond.

Thrash metal in Poland? I thought the metal scene in Poland was all about death and black metal.

Well, I would say exactly the same thing about your country, but maybe not in that order, lets put black metal and then death metal. Although, we know some fresh, thrash bands hailing from Norway, for example Nekromantheon, Deathhammer, Toxik Death or Tantara. In Poland there are some well known thrash hordes such as Kat or Wolf Spider. But yeah, its true that death and black metal bands dominated the whole scene. However, in the last few years there’s some kind of thrash-renaissance in our country, mostly powered by young people. I think it’s a global trend for this revival.

Where do you get most of your inspirations from?

We’ve got many different inspirations, as we don’t like to limit ourselves in musical interests. We separate the music for good and bad stuff. Talking about typically metal influences, old school of thrash and death metal is mandatory for us.

When did you first discover metal and most importantly thrash metal? Which band was the first you heard and do you remember where you heard it?

I think that it was somewhat around the second half of the 90’s. It’s hard to say which band exactly was the first, but I’m quite sure that it was thrash metal in the old Slayer and Metallica’s vibe. I also remember that I heard it on television, so maybe it’s got something to do with the old MTV?

Strzala and Jeff have been in the band since the beginning in 2010, while Bartek came in in 2013. This question is for the first two of you. What has Bartek brought with him into the band that the previous guitarist didn’t have?

He mostly brought some new inspirations, which allowed us to get a new point of view and verify some things. However, he just composed two solos for the bonus tracks and recorded them with the rest of the guitar parts, so his contribution to the album wasn’t so huge. Currently he’s not in the band anymore.


Who is the main song writer in Repulsor, if any?

On the first EP the songwriters were Lukasz and Filip (Strzala). Now Filip is the only songwriter.

"Trapped in a Nightmare" came out as a demo in 2013 and as an album the year after. When can we expect a new release with new material?

Time runs faster and faster, and there is a lot of hard work for us. I think that we will release our next LP in early 2016.

The thrash metal scene today is something quite different than the early years back in the 80’s. The amount of bands is enormous today and the sub-genres are many. Are there any bands today that you like to listen to or do you prefer the older releases and bands?

As I mentioned before, I try to be loyal to the old school metal, but you can’t always stand out from the new releases, which sometimes can be a surprise. From time to time I like to listen to bands such as Vektor, Warbringer or Havok, or just check out the new, random albums from around the world.

Anything else worth mentioning from the Repulsor camp?

We would like to greet all of our listeners – whose number is growing. We promise that we won’t let you down with our new material. Please be patient. Thanks for the interview!