NITRODIVE – Harder, stronger and more explosive

NITRODIVE – Harder, stronger and more explosive

NITRODIVE is one of the hottest rock bands in Sweden these days and they have just released their second album entitled "Re-Evolution". They are well known for being on the road a lot. We like to introduce a new feature here on Eternal Terror that we like to call "The Seven Not So Deadly Sins" where we focus on touring. But first……

Who and what is NitroDive?

We are a rock trio from Gothenburg, Sweden.

You are releasing your new album entitled "Re-Evolution" on December 3rd. What can you tell us about that album?

It is our second album and it was recorded, mixed and produced at Panic Room Studios with Grammy award winner Thomas "Plec" Johansson.


Your debut album "Survival of the Fittest" went to the top of the Hard Rock top list and topped at 14 on the Swedish Top list when it was released back in October 2011.  What have you done this time to top that?

We have produced a rawer and stronger sound that we have actually recorded live. We felt that we wanted to bring that raw energy we have on stage into our sound on this album and the results show that. This is a harder, stronger and more explosive record than our first one.

Where do you pick up most of your inspirations and influences when creating new songs?

We listened to a lot of old school punk like Ramones during the production of this album and have mixed that influence together with some our all time favorites like Motörhead. This album is the result of random long evening jam sessions influenced by beer and punk rock.

Since NitroDive is well known for touring a lot, here’s a little thing about touring that we like to call "The seven «not so» deadly sins".



Do you think a lot about what you eat and drink when on the road or do you just enjoy what’s offered?

On tour we just like to enjoy ourselves and not think so much about the basics of it. It doesn’t matter what beer it is as long as you’ve got beer. 😀

What’s your favorite food while on tour?

Chocolate bars and Cheerios.

If you had the opportunity to put together a dinner gathering of companions, who would you like to have there? What would the meal and conversation consist of?

Dave Grohl, DeeDee Ramone, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and JFK. I would give them all Swedish meatballs and see where that takes us.


What are your favorite genre(s) as far as reading books, movies, and video games?

We are all big fans of thrillers, Zombie films and documentaries. As far as books go, everything to do with music gets a thumbs up.

Could you name a particular favorite from each that helps you get by on the road?

Ozzys biography is a favorite as well as The Shining. And we love Mario Cart.



What social media platform do you like to use for communication, and which one do you think needs to be eliminated?

We use a lot of Facebook and Instagram but Twitter is just useless.


Do you prefer to answer interviews while on the road or do you wait till the tour is done?

We love doing interviews pretty much whenever.

What do you prefer to use when answering interviews on the road; e-mail, chat, phone, skype or face to face?

It’s always better face to face whether it’s in Skype or in person cause then you get to meet new people.


Do you ever get the chance to do some sightseeing and checking out the places you visit while on the road?

We try as much as possible but when you’ve gotta go you’ve gotta go!

What about working out and keeping in shape? Is this something you use a lot of time to do?

We all work out as much as we possibly can when we are not on the road because it gets tough standing up on stage every night and we have to be in shape.



Can you tell us about your weirdest fan encounter?

I wouldn’t be say this is weird, more like super cool, but we love meeting fans who have tattooed our logo on them- it’s awesome!

Do you often get the chance to chat with your fans while on tour?

Yes, We always talk to the fans after the gig.

I guess you bring your own merch when you are on the road. Do you sell the stuff yourself and do you often have to sign stuff for the fans?

We have people working with us that sell merchandise and we are always glad to sign them (or the fans themselves!) if fans ask us to.


Do you find inspiration and time to write new music and lyrics when you are on the road?

Usually we gather in all the inspiration we can on tour, then come home and lock ourselves into a room and record a pre-production of it.

Do you listen to music when you are on the road? If so, what is your favorite band or album to listen to?

There is always music playing on the tour bus but right now we are very into the new Foo Fighters album, Sonic Highways.