ORIGIN – Omnipresent

ORIGIN – Omnipresent

Origin, the technical death metal outfit from Kansas is known for delivering some of the most complex extreme metal around and their 2008 release "Antithesis" stands today as a landmark in this exhausting genre. Personally I´ve given the mentioned album and "Echoes of Decimation" (2005) quite some running time during the years but I always get tend to get full after a couple of spins.

This year saw the release of their much anticipated follow up to 2011 "Entity" and to be honest, I´am a little disappointed. This brings nothing new to the table.

Origin may know how to handle their instruments without doubt but I feel I have heard all this before. There is no flow to the songs that we´re used to from this formidable name.

The production is slick and clean and all instruments are all well present in the mix, but there is something missing in the exiting department. The vocal is ok, but gets quite exhausting after a while. New vocalist Jason is skilled as hell but it seems rushed and does not much to add any grit to the music.

Origin have a steady fanbase so there´s no doubt this album will be worshipped but I´am, as mentioned a little disappointed in "Omnipresent".

Hopefully it will grow on me, but for now this stays on the shelf.