TANK – Breath Of The Pit

TANK – Breath Of The Pit

Band name claims when members split are commonplace these days: courts must be so happy watching 2 versions of Queensryche duke it out for overall rights as they put out new product. Bassist/ vocalist Algy Ward has been on the sidelines with Tank due to personal health issues, and meanwhile a new version of Tank with Doogie White on vocals has released two albums of a more ‘power’ metal variety. So this Tank album "Breath of the Pit" is the one with Algy back on all instruments and vocals, and more in line with the traditional 80’s sound you’ve expected from the group.

As great as some of the songwriting is with the title cut, "Retribution", and "Conflict Primeval" rating very well in terms of riffing, heaviness, and hooks- the main problem I have with fully recommending this album lies solely in the obvious computerized programming of the drumming. Anyone remember the Running Wild years with Angelo Sasso on "Victory" and "The Brotherhood" albums? The material would have been so much better with that added human element to know how to add the right cymbal hit or tom roll that makes "T-34" or the straightforward "Kill Or Be Killed" tough to stomach.

If you like tight guitar harmonies with cultural themes at times such as "Healing the Wounds of War", this version of Tank will be much more to your liking- as long as you are willing to handle the less than adequate drum parts. For my tastes, I think this will be a casual listening experience and when I need my Algy fill I will go into "Filth Hounds Of Hades" or "This Means War".