BLOOD RED THRONE – Blood Red Throne

BLOOD RED THRONE – Blood Red Throne

Blood Red Throne are back! The Kristiansand based death metal outfit that started out back in 1998 is ready to reclaim the death metal throne of Norway.

With their seventh full-length called simply "Blood Red Throne" we are being force fed ultra heavy down tuned brutal death metal of highest quality.

I personally got into BRT with their 2003 output "Affilitated with the Suffering" and their massive form music has been their trademark for me ever since.

"Blood Red Throne" is quite a diverse album, with a lot of unique arrangements combined with some memorable riffs the songs stand out for themself and each have its own identity. You dont have to listen to the whole album in one sitting ,each song works very well on its own. Of the nine tracks deliverd I personally think opener Soulseller and Torturewhore is suited for live performances.

The production is top notch, no primitive 4 track setup but a really thick sound that also makes all the instruments get their due in the overall production (the bass line on Exoneration Manifesto is evidence)

The vocal debut by Bolt (also of Okular fame) is guttural US style but possible to decipher and fits the wall of sound very well. Longtime BRT fans will not be dissapointed even though Mr Hustler is still a personal fave.

In short summary, Blood Red Throne is at the top of their game here and I´am looking forward to check out the new material live. Norwegian death metal is at a really good place right now.