DORO – Oslo – John Dee

DORO – Oslo – John Dee

Doro Pesch took me by suprise this friday evening at John Dee.

Everyone (almost) knows about Doro and her time in the now defunct german heavy metal band Warlock. They where forerunners of the German heavy metal scene in the early 80´s and influenced both young boys and girls to pick up their guitars and microphones and rock hard. Not everyone have given the solo artist Doro a chance and the reasons may be legitime. Her happygolucky ballads can be quite cheezy and even though she has a great voice her songwriting abilites may not be all that.

She does however have at least 10 good songs compiled on her latest "best of" album and I must admit I gave that sucker a couple of spins before just to get into her german groove again.

Let me first say that John Dee was the perfect venue for her this evening, almost packed to the rim with mostly older heavy metal manicas of both genders.

The sound was perfectly clear and her brand of melodic metal fitted the location very good (as opposite to some other bands that have played John Dee where neihter guitars or vocal was possible to hear underneath the fuzz and blastbeats).

Doro entered just over 10pm with a big smile on her face and just from the getgo the atmosphere was just happy happy. She has an incredible stage aura and with that positive apperance I just had to smile.

The energy from both her and her band was all over the stage and they managed to make a semi ok song grow into an powerfull entity that just raised the roof.

Personally I was as mentioned suprised that this lady who was on tour celebrating 30 years in the business still had this much positive energy.

The set list was mostly old and well known songs and they worked all well except for the cover of Judas Priest´s Breaking The Law. That song is best performed by Halford, end of discussion.

Also, the drum solo circa mid set (to give Doro & Co a short break) was dull and predictable and not much to write home about.

To conclude, Doro is still THE metal queen. She took me by a big suprise this evening and I cant do more than to salute and thank her for this evening of nostalgia and positive vibrations.