AUDREY HORNE – Bergen – Garage

AUDREY HORNE – Bergen – Garage

It’s party time in a sold out Garage for the release gig of Audrey Horne‘s last baby, Youngblood. Heavily focusing on its last work, the band opens the show with Redemption Blues that hit like Bergensbanen minutt for minutt played rather quicker and reveals a team in better shape than ever today on its home turf. They are happy to be here and so are we. The more than ever 70-80’s spirit fits perfectly the combo’s abilities, at the point that the slower and heavier Bridges and Anchors and Firehouse, both from the previous album, radically lower the general swing, before and after the potential rock hit Youngblood. Maybe good in a way, to keep the pleasure lasting instead of throwing all the sauce and the catchiness too early. Nonetheless, it didn’t stop the usual stage frenzy of the rockstar twins that are Ice Dale and Thomas Tofhagen and their way to agree on setting the fire whatever they play, hugs and sweet looks in the same package. And boom. Another slap in the face with Pretty Little Sunshine which is definitely a favorite and a killer live, despite the rather boring intro.

It’s try for Espen Lien and Kjetil Greve to keep on the arena friendly stunts of both guitarists, but they do their best and it works. As usual Toschie fits his frontman outfit and he’s having fun, on his stage as well as with his aficionados. No lady fainting in sight – but close. After another mellow break with Cards with the Devil, the addicting choruses of Youngblood rush again with This ends here and a more prominent role for the bassist and – again – for the two six-stringers. Those guys should be in a L’Oréal ad. Eye candy.

There Goes a Lady and The King is Dead could have in my opinion being tossed aside and replaced by older songs like Down with Suicide or Sail Away, that despite being less catchy than the rest of the setlist, have much more soul than the slower songs on Youngblood. Hard to make an album where every single song is a jewel.

Le Fol was forgotten tonight. We got only Treshold, and the evening was closed with Straight into your Grave and Blaze of Ashes from Youngblood.

Having seen the band two times on open-airs and tonight in the intimacy, I cannot really say what type of show fits them best. They would anyway undoubtedly success in opening for bigger acts in bigger venues or festivals.

A memorable night with a band that after the eponymous album managed not to drown in a style where you’re easily being too classic to catch attention (it’s not the 90’s anymore), but that actually ironically got one step forward by looking back to the 70’s / 80’s and inject them in their personal inspiration from bands like Faith No More, Alice in Chains and the Alternative / Grunge / Hard Rock scene in general.


1. Redemption Blues
2. Bridges and Anchors
3. Youngblood
4. Show and Tell
5. Firehose
6. Pretty Little Sunshine
7. Cards with the Devil
8. This Ends Here
9. There Goes a Lady
10. The King is Dead
11. Threshold
12. Straight Into Your Grave

13. Blaze of Ashes