KATALEPSY – Autopsychosis

KATALEPSY – Autopsychosis

As a longtime subscriber of the migthy Decibel music magazine, I stumbled accross the name Katalepsy mentioned in their expectations list of releases coming in 2013.
About the same time their latest release "Autopsychosis" dumped down in my inbox and I was quite eager to check out what the hype was all about.

Katalepsy hails from Russia (Moscow) and "Autopsychosis" is their second album since starting out back in 2003. Their music can only be described with one word, brutal. This is extreme metal in good shape.with heavy as f**k downtuned guitars, pummeling low bass, blastbeats from here to eternity and a truly sick and guttural vocal to finish it off.  The arrangements are quite simple, but the musikal form is not fitted for much experimentation either. This is straight in your face brutal modern death metal, no old school vibe going on here.

There is a lot of breakdowns and some cool slamming parts that combined with the murky production creates an gory atmosphere. The vocal is as mentioned one of the highpoints and combined with the lyrics makes it an enjoyable 40 minutes of listening pleasure. Katalepsy offends on all the right subjects and that makes "Autopsychosis" an album worth checking out in 2013