YUREI – Working Class Demon

YUREI – Working Class Demon

Now, this is something slightly different. Some kind of slow dark rockish metal, but in a very weird vein. When you take a closer listen, or make it 10 spins, you will still remain confused. What is this?

There main confusion lays in the rhythm-section, where the ear-opening straightforward approach is not as easy as it seems. I get the feeling of a musician who enjoys to toy with the listener’s hopefully open mind, as in expect the unexpected. "Working Class Demon" may seem somewhat simply on the surface, but take a closer listen to the said rhythms, the guitars and the strange combination of those. It’s like China and Norway trying to agree on the Nobel Peace price, only that in Yurei’s case they actually manage. Weird…

The vocals, hinting towards Ved Buens Ende, Arcturus and even Anekdoten (Swedish progrock), are expressive, fitting and do of course add to the atmosphere. Perhaps a bit tiresome in the end, being that "Working Class Demon" clocks in a close to an hour, but give the album air and time and I’m sure you’ll get your head stuck into it, since it demands a lot from you. I haven’t read the lyrics yet, but from what I can hear it sounds like the lyrics are fitting to the music and vocalization from the Norwegian artist.

Special, not fully my thing, but worth 15 listens and then more.