Metal til Roskilde

Metal til Roskilde

Metal and Nordic volume to Roskilde Festival

Sólstafir delivers symphonic, ice-cold post-metal to Roskilde Festival 2010 – photo: SvartTrast

Serena-Maneesh, Sólstafir and Valient Thorr add loads of guitars, sparks and Nordic coldness to Roskilde Festival 2010.

Three small but powerful bands form this Wednesday's announcement. This batch is good news for anyone with a penchant for guitar noise, rock and metal.

SERENA-MANEESH (N) sounds like My Bloody Valentine or Sonic Youth if these had grown up in the far North on a diet of reindeer meat and melted snow. The critically acclaimed band played Roskilde Festival back in 2006 after having released its debut album. Now the much awaited follow-up, S-M 2: Abyss In B Minor, is on the way, so Roskilde Festival is looking forward to a new visit from the Norwegian jøtuler's massive noise rock.

SÓLSTAFIR (ISL) combine their starting point in the metal genre with symphonic sequences, which is reminiscent of post-rock and gives the music a cinematic rush to the stomach. Several sources have mentioned the band as some kind of hard-hitting, metal counterpart to Sigur Rós.

VALIENT THORR (US) play some of the most unfashionable, but also effective heavy rock that you can imagine. A great experience is almost guaranteed for everyone who has tapped their feet to the sounds of Black Sabbath, MC5 and Motörhead.

More metal on Saturday
Focus is on rock and metal this week. On Saturday, Danish Metal Awards takes place, and to celebrate this Roskilde Festival will reveal yet another metal act.