CONVERGE til Roskilde

CONVERGE til Roskilde

Converge to Roskilde 2010 One of the fiercest and most inventive hardcore bands is gearing up for this summer's Roskilde Festival.

Danish Metal Awards is taking place this Saturday evening. Roskilde is supporting the show, and the festival celebrates the event by revealing one of this summer's festival's wildest and most uncompromising bands.

CONVERGE (US) has frightened and fascinated a growing audience since 1990. The American four-piece's starting point is the tortured scream from Black Flag, but Converge has taken the classic hardcore punk and refined the expression by adding math-rock and extreme metal to the equation. Converge's latest album is Axe to Fall on which they prove that they still manage to speak to both the bespectacled and the tattooed audience.

From hard rock towards different skies
This week Roskilde Festival has given its hard rock fans a handful of new bands to look forward to. Next week the festival goes in a completely different direction and looks towards remote beaches and atmospheres and hopes to collect some treats from there.


Converge brings scorching hardcore metal to this year's Roskilde Festival.