Lyst til å delta i Metal Battle / Washburn Riff Contest?

Lyst til å delta i Metal Battle / Washburn Riff Contest?

Let the battle begin!!!

Throughout the world, from the  smallest rehearsal room to the largest stage, Washburn Guitars are recognized as some of the finest instruments on the planet.

As part of the Wacken-Universum, W:0:A Metal-Battle has become a very strong name in the worldwide metal music scene. In order to further support the growing metal scene Washburn and W:0:A Metal-Battle have recently teamed up to offer metal music talents a whole new communication platform. Beginning August 4th, 2008 at the upcoming 19th Annual Wacken Open Air Festival, Washburn and W:0:A Metal Battle will announced the first Metal Battle / Washburn Riff Contest. The contest will allow participants 18 and older to upload a 35 second clip of their best riffs to YouTube to be presented on this site and voted on by fans from the metal community. Record your riff at home, at a Washburn dealer, the contest area of a Washburn Exhibition booth or anywhere you like, all that matters is "Are you Metal enough to win?". Riffs must be recorded on a Washburn guitar and last no longer than 35 seconds. If your clip is voted in the top 13, you can win a great prize including a brand new Washburn HM series custom shop guitar.

The upload phase of the contest will close April 5th, 2009, with voting beginning

April 6th. You may upload 2 different 35 second clips (see rules for details).


Further information is available at



The world is ready to hear and see your heaviest riffs…