WACKEN OPEN AIR 2009 med 10000 solgte billetter etter 1 dag

WACKEN OPEN AIR 2009 med 10000 solgte billetter etter 1 dag

Prior to the summary of the 19th Wacken Open Air is the following breaking news:

The first 10,000 tickets for the anniversary festival in August 2009 have already been sold within 24 hours of release!

At this point however, we'd like to once again pass revue on the 19th Wacken Open Air. The biggest heavy metal party in the world was once again celebrated in the north of Schleswig-Holstein . This year's W:O:A will stay in our memories, especially due to once again having the best and most peaceful audience in the world. Whilst the sun made sure the weather stayed fine, provided the bands breath-taking performances and the roads were free of congestion.
This year there were once again considerable building measures to improve the infrastructure of W:O:A. The coach/taxi parking site was renewed and fixated as part of a completely new traffic management system. The outcome being that the festival could deal with the arrival and departure of traffic without any major congestions.

The whole festival site was drained and made weatherproof. The stages were errected via a 750m long mobile road. Last year proved that the entrance to the Party Stage was too narrow. That is why we have liberated the festival site from various narrow paths and hence also increased the size of the site.
Many new entrances, a larger beer garden with it's own stage and the increased size of the Party/WET Stage as well as the new disabled viewing stages provided an awesome festival experience.
Also the new video walls, the extension of the Delay-Tower as well as the new position of the F.O.H.-Tower proved to be great improvements. This gave all guests an optimal view of the stages. There were also more food stores and supermarkets sited on the camping ground.
This year, just like every year, there was an increased use of materials. 28 lorries were needed to deliver the steel for the stages. The stage builders needed a week to errect the two big stages, the Party Stages and the W.E.T. Stage. 35 fully loaded lorries with sound and lighting material were brought to Wacken to provide the best sound and lighting for all the bands. In total 30 forklifts, four by fours and platform trucks were in constant use for 3 weeks to build the world's largest heavy metal fest. 20 shuttles made sure that all artists arrived punctually at the stages for their shows. The number of showers and SANI mobile toilets were also increased this year. There is no other festival of similar size who have as many sanitation stations as Wacken Open Air!
W:O:A – also a massive material battle!

At this point we would once again like to highlight that Wacken Open Air will not become bigger. With the number of participants reaching 75,000 this year, we have found our maximum boundary. The sold out announcements in March make this point very clear.
This year we would like to thank all the artists, the helpers from all areas, the media, the rescue teams, ticket control, traffic control, stewards, security, sponsors & partners from the media (Becks, Jack Daniels, Red Bull, Natural American Spirit, Gibson, EMP, Rockalarm, Marshall, Blueguitar, Metalhammer, Metaltix) as well as the police authority and many more. Obviously also the metal fans from all over the world who give Wacken Open Air it's unique feeling.  
At this point we would like to especially thank the people of Wacken, Gribbohm, Holstenniendorf, Besdorf, Bokelrehm, Bokhorst and Nienbüttel. The metal fans were once again provided with a unique and friendly hospitality.

We are very proud of this assistance and identification with your/our festival!

We are very grateful that the 19th Wacken Open Air was again a peaceful and joyous festival. The poice, fire departement or the paramedics never had to be called in for large operations.


The W:O:A team are looking forward to next year, when for the 20th time it will be:

The festival is the headliner and the bands will play their best of program

Faster – Harder – Louder >> see you in Wacken 2009 – rain or shine <<

Wacken Open Air 2009, 30.07. – 01.08 – the anniversary festival!