Mandag slippes TREPONEM PAL box

Mandag slippes TREPONEM PAL box

On the 13th August 2007 Metal Mind Productions will release a special collector's item from the French band – Treponem Pal.  

Treponem Pal – the most respected industrial band from France. Special collector's box entitled "Furytales" contains the remastered versions of 3 studio albums, a bootleg "Live Europe 1992" (available only inside this digipack), a DVD with video clips and live tracks plus 32 page booklet with full story about the band. Classic material from Roadrunner Records digitally remastered using 24-Bit process on golden discs. The offer is limited to numerated 2000 copies.  

Treponem Pal

Label: Metal Mind Records
Cat. No.: MMP 4 CD BOX 002
Barcode: 5907785030169
Format: BOX incl. 4 CD+1 DVD + 32 page booklet (limited edition of 2000 numerated copies)
Genre:  industrial
Release date: 13.08.2007 Europe /  09.10.2007 USA  

Tracklists:   Treponem Pal  (CD)
1. Silico
2. The Black Box 
3. Embodiement Of Frustration
4. The Prettiest Star
5. In-Out  
6. Too Many Humans
7. Low Man 
8. Soft Mouth Vagina  

Live in Europe 1992 (CD)
1. Black Box
2. Rest Is War
3. Sometimes
4. Fugitive Soul
5. Embodiment Of Frustration
6. Full Moon
7. Radioactivity
8. In Out
9. Too Many Humans  

Excess & Overdrive (CD)
1. Out of Reach 
2. Pushing You Too Far 
3. Excess and Overdrive 
4. For Progress 
5. Crimson Garden 
6. Stoned 
7. Nowhere Land 
8. Blow Me Out 
9. Sometimes 
10. Full Moon 
11. Excess [Trance Mix]

Bonus tracks:

12. Pushing You Too Far (Tribal Mix)
13. Pushing You Too Far (Trance Mix)  

Aggravation (CD)
1. Rest Is A War
2. What Does It Mean?
3. Love
4. Out With No Flag
5. Fugitive Soul
6. Sweet Coma
7. T.V. Matic
8. Radioactivity     
9. You Got What You Deserved  

Live in Europe (DVD)
1. Pushing You Too Far (video clip) 2. Excess & Overdrive (Long Version) (video clip)
3. Too Many Humans/SoftMouth Vagina (Live in Poitiers/France 1988)
4. Rest is a War  (Live in Brussels/Belgium 1992)
5. Fugitive Soul/Embodiement of Frustration (Live in Brussels/Belgium 1992)
6. What Does It Mean (Live in Paris/France 1990)
7. Out Of Reach/Stoned (Live in Geneva/Switzerland 1993)
8. For Progress (Live in Geneva/Switzerland 1993)  

Treponem Pal's story begins in 1986, in a time when pop glitz or American glam metal reigned the European music scene. Back then industrial metal was just starting to grow, however the genre's turning point was close – groups such as Skinny Puppy and Front 242 begun aggressively marking their presence on the scene. You might say that Treponem Pal emerged in a time that was groundbreaking for the genre – for it was 1988 when Ministry's "Land of Rape and Honey" was released. It was also this year the French band's line-up got solidified and featured: Michael Bassin (guitar), Marco Neves (vocals), David Lebrun (drums) and Alain Fornasari (bass). Their self-titled debut arrived in 1988 on Roadracer and Treponem Pal frontman Marco explained his vision for the band as a mix of industrial influences (Einsturzende Neubauten, The Swans, Test Department), electronics (DAF, Kraftwerk) and even tribal drumming. In the late 80's Treponem Pal transcended its roots and toured Europe for two years with The Young Gods and Prong, developing a mad following along the way. The early 90's were spearheaded by Wax Trax!, the Chicago label which gave the world KMFDM, Front Line Assembly, Meat Beat Manifesto, Ministry, and many others. Their style sharply influenced the hard rock and metal scene, which suffered the last jolts of bland 80's rock. 1991 was also the year of "Aggravation", a record that revealed Treponem Pal's powerful, sensitive and tribal elements. The band focused on the vision of enlarging industrial's scope rather than narrowing it to one style that could be easily described … or dismissed. In 1992 the band toured with Scorn, Godflesh, Pitch Shifter, and during Lollapalooza, Michel Bassin performed as Ministry's guitarist and Marco was a guest singer for their live set. In 1993, Franz Treichler of The Young Gods produced the critically acclaimed "Excess & Overdrive", which featured the club hit "Pushing You Too Far". With the addition of a new bassist, Treponem Pal signed with Mercury/PolyGram in 1996. Sascha Konietzko of KMFDM was chosen as a producer and the album was recorded in Seattle at Bad Animals Studio. The sonic connection between Treponem Pal and KMFDM is clear, and Michel's turbulent guitar work also appears on the upcoming KMFDM album. "Higher" presents the band's view of music at the end of the century, a sound that unites technology, power, wisdom and groove. The band also pays sly homage to their electronic roots with Kraftwerk's "Radioactivity," and offers a twisted version of Lipps Inc.'s "Funkytown." 1999 marks the beginning of a long downtime for Treponem Pal. After 15 years of intense band life, the group feels the urge to take a break. 2006, the beast is back! Starting with a clean slate, Marco Neves is more determined than ever to challenge and storm the French industrial rock scene where it all began. The goal is set to revive the energy of the early recordings, adding an electronic touch along with years of wisdom. He soon brings into the fold his longtime partner Didier B, the only remaining band member still standing from the original line-up, others having pursued different musical interests or no musical interests at all, to write new material. Franck Tomse steps in for the recording of guitars with Marco's guidance. At the end of 2006, a demo is finalized and Franck departs the project, unavailable for upcoming Treponem Pal activities. In early 2007 the line-up got completed and the band got busy gathering positive vibes and preparing the new sound bomb, joined by Ted Parsons on drums (Swans, Prong, Godflesh, Jesu) and Paul Raven on bass (Killing Joke, Prong, Ministry). The band is now getting ready to take the stage, as early as this summer, for a dozen European festivals and is scheduled for studio time this fall to finalize the album. The long awaited return in 2008 becomes even more anticipated – surely, no one doubts that the new material will be a huge success, as well as a one of the biggest events on the industrial metal scene.