Skremmende black metal i Bergen

Skremmende black metal i Bergen

Black metal horror movie to be shot during
Hole In The Sky Festival



Three young Italian Black Metal fans are travelling to Bergen for the Hole In The Sky festival, but along the road they take a wrong turn and ends up on a fundamental Christian youth camp. The camps inbreed caretakers soon believe that the three Italians are sent from the devil and that they have arrived at the camp to corrupt the teenagers. The horror begins…


This epic short film will be shot during 7 days at Os (just outside Bergen), hometown of Immortal. The nature of West-Norway will be the backdrop and Enslaved will produce the score for the film.

The Film is produced by Flimmer Film a Bergen based production company, whom has produced several award winning short film, documentaries and music-videos.

This short film will be shown on the Norwegian TV channel "TV2" this winter.


The production set will be available for press visits 24-26. August. The actors and director will be available for interviews on the same days.



For more information please contact:


Lars Løge – producer

+47 415 14 180

Or the Hole In The Sky press office.



Title: Thy Kingdom Come

Director: Kjersti Steinsbø

Producer: Lars Løge

Actors: Azzurra Antonacci, Leandro Guerrini, Alberto Troiano,

Siren Jørgensen, Trond Fausa Aurvåg

Production company: Flimmer Film AS

Duration: 25 min

Premiere: October/November 2007

Dvd release: beginning of 2007