INFERNO utvider

INFERNO utvider

In 2008 the Inferno Metal Festival expands with a fourth day, adding Wednesday to our Infernal Gathering making the total number of bands increase from 30 to 40. More information about this fourth day will follow.


Ticket sales for the 2008 edition of the festival will begin at September 1st.


In 2008 we're launching the third edition of IMC: Promoters, Journalists, Designers, Artists, Managements, Labels, Venues, Booking Agencies, Photographers – If metal is your business… Join In!

Registration will start September 1st.

4 Days of metal industry featuring:

  • keynote speakers
  • panels
  • speed meeting sessions
  • listening sessions
  • meet & greet parties every evening
  • black metal bus sightseeing
  • Inferno Metal Expo

In 2006 and 2007 we held over 3500 speed meeting sessions making the right people connect with each other, creating new networks and maintaining old ones.