SOLAR FRAGMENT joiner Sleaszy Rider

SOLAR FRAGMENT joiner Sleaszy Rider

Sleaszy Rider Records signed SOLAR FRAGMENT!  


(l. to r.: Robert Leger / vocals, Manuel Wiegmann / guitar, Sascha Schiller / drums,  Dominik Serwe / bass, Marc Peters / guitar, Kyra Bartkiewitz European Label Manager Sleaszy Rider Records)    


The Greek label Sleaszy Rider Records proudly presents their latest signing with the German Power Metal Act SOLAR FRAGMENT.

As one of the few highlights out of the newcomer scene in metal music SOLAR FRAGMENT will be among the crucial releases at Sleaszy Rider Records in 2007. Band leader and guitar player Manuel Wiegmann comments: "We are really happy to work with Sleaszy Rider Records! Even the first negotiations have been a pleasure. The team at Sleaszy Rider is very enthusiastic about us, and we are looking forward to a successful future with the label and our debut album."

Recently designated European label manager Kyra Bartkiewitz was honoured to carry out the signing as her first official act at Sleaszy Rider Records: "It´s a great feeling to support such a young and talented band like SOLAR FRAGMENT. The band offers a fresh and modern mixture of classic and new power metal elements with a very personal style. The band knows how to convince by their music and will for sure be a name to mention in future."

Estimated release date will be in autumn 2007