ANDROMEDA DVD ute nå på Metal Mind

ANDROMEDA DVD ute nå på Metal Mind


Andromeda_Playying Off The Board DVD.jpgPlaying off the Board  

Release date: 10.04.2007
US release date: 24.04.2007
Label: Metal Mind Records
Genre: progressive metal

Cat no: MMP DVD 0102
Barcode: 5907785029552
Cat no USA: MVDV4574
Barcode USA: 022891457497
Total running time: approx. 205 min.

DVD+CD limited swing case edition
Cat no: MMP DVD 0103
Barcode: 5907785029569
Total running time: approx. 205 min. (DVD) + 79 min. (CD)  

Get ready for a strong dose of progressive metal! The Swedish quintet offers to the fans of powerful and sublime sound compositions that are both structurally intricate and overflowing with a vast spectrum of emotions. One hour and a half of progressive music at its very best, more than an hour of bonus video footage (featuring, among other materials, bootlegs and documents from the band's tour and gigs across Europe), 2 interviews and much more! Also available in a limited swing case edition, including a CD with songs recorded at the concert!  


1. Periscope
2. Mirages
3. In the Deepest of Waters
4. Two Is One
5. The Hidden Riddle
6. Chameleon Carneval
7. Inner Circle
8. Eclipse
9. In the End
10. Encyclopedia
11. Reaching Deep Within
12. The Words Unspoken  

CD (only available in limited swing case edition!):
1. Periscope
2. Mirages
3. In the Deepest of Waters
4. Two Is One
5. The Hidden Riddle
6. Inner Circle
7. Eclipse
8. In the End
9. Encyclopedia
10. Reaching Deep Within
11. The Words Unspoken  

Bonus video:
Interview with Johan Reinholdz and Martin Hedin
Interview with David Fremberg and Thomas Lejon
Rehearsal, October 2006
Andromeda Goes Dutch
European Tour Tales
Three Days in Poland
Old Live Footage  

Also includes:
– Photo gallery
– Biography
– Discography
– Desktop images
– Weblinks
– Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound  

The origins of the Swedish quintet Andromeda can be traced back to 1999 when Johan submitted the demo Welcome to forever to the record label WAR-music who wanted to sign a deal. The feeling was mutual and in the autumn that year Andromeda came together as Thomas, Martin and bass player Gert Daun and Johan started rehearsing the songs for the Extension of the Wish album.
In March 2000 Andromeda entered the Dug-Out studio to cut the album with the acclaimed producer Daniel Bergstrand. Vocal duties were handled by Lawrence Mackrory, doing the job as a hired gun. A month later it was mixed and ready, but it wasn't until February 2001 that Extension of the Wish hit the record shops. In the meanwhile, the Andromeda line-up was completed when David joined the band in August 2000. Containing a dose of heavy, intense yet melodic progressive metal Extension of the Wish quickly seized the interest of magazines, webzines and fans.
To support the album, the band made a tour of Sweden during the spring and also made a successful appearance at the Progpower festival in the Netherlands in October.
August was spent re-recording the vocals for Extension of the Wish, this time by David, remixing the tracks and recording two new tracks for a French release of the album by the label NTS. It was released in November and Andromeda went on a tour of France together with Evergrey in February 2001.
At this point the band had already began cutting the tracks for their second assault: II=I. The recordings continued throughout the year with Martin as the producer.
In August the album was completed, containing a more complex, but also more vocal?oriented, style of Andromeda. In 2003 the bass player Fabian Gustavsson replaced Gert, adding the final piece to the powerful jigsaw puzzle that is the ultimate Andromeda line-up.
After a worldwide release of the album, touring and festival gigs, the band began writing material for their upcoming album Chimera and, in the spring of 2004, recording sessions were initiated. Striving for a simpler, more in-your-face kind of approach, the new material was certainly a step forward for the band. The third album was once again produced by Martin, going for a rock-solid sound. Chimera contains all the elements of Andromeda, but certainly stands out as a new, fresh chapter in the musical evolution of Andromeda.
The band went on a European tour in the autumn of 2006 to support the album and wrapped it up with a preformance in Katowice, Poland, which resulted in their first live DVD: Playing off the board. 

Extension of the Wish (2001, WAR-music)
II=I (2003, New Hawen Records)
Chimera (2006, Massacre Records) Playing Off The Board DVD (2007, Metal Mind Productions)  

Johan Reinholdz – guitar
Martin Hedin – keyboards
David Fremberg – vocals
Fabian Gustavsson – bass
Thomas Lejon – drums