Et m�te med Moyses og Max
Av Rune

I forbindelse med at Clash Of The Demigods Tour 2004 kom til Norge og Oslo 4. November 2004, troppet undertegnede opp p� John Dee under bandenes sound check. Grunnen var selvsagt � f� intervjue alle bandene, men det var kanskje litt i overkant optimistisk. Men jeg endte opp med 3 intervjuer, og f�rst ute var de nye death metal yndingene i brasilianske Krisiun. Vokalist og bassist Alex var ikke til stede under intervjuet, men jeg klarte meg lenge med trommis Max og gitarist Moyses. Det var for det meste sistnevnte som stod for svarene, og nedenfor kan du lese hva gitarmonsteret hadde � si.

ET � First of all, welcome to Norway. Is this your first time here?
MOYSES � Thank you very much. This is our first time here ever. We wanted to come here earlier and we have waited a long time, and finally it happened, and we are very happy that it became a reality.

ET � How has the tour been so far?
MOYSES � The tour has been great. It`s been some killer shows so far, turnouts have been good and the bands are getting along pretty good. We are having a lot of fun, playing every night and going crazy together.

ET � What do you think of the tour constellation with bands from Brazil, Poland, USA and Norway?
MOYSES � I think it`s good and the crowd seems to like it a lot. It`s better with different styles than if the bands had played the same style. It`s good for the metal generally everywhere.

ET � Bloodshed is your latest release. It contains 8 new tracks and the Unmerciful Order mini CD. It seems like the new tracks are a bit slower and more technical than the earlier stuff. Why?
MOYSES � Yes, it`s because we felt like we wanted to do those songs this time. When we started jamming, they all came out natural. Whatever music we have done, it`s always naturally for us. We are not trying to do that or that. We just felt that we should put some more groove in our music, because it felt right for us.
MAX � The songs are still fast, just in a different way. We don`t play as much blastbeats as we did before, but it`s still fast and aggressive. We have balanced more dynamics and we have some more midtempo parts, but we still go for ultra fast in other parts. It`s more interesting, because it`s makes the music more interesting. After 5 or 6 albums where we play blastbeats all the time, it can get boring after a while. We changed a little bit, but it`s still fast and still brutal.

ET � Merciful Order: What can you tell us about that one?
MOYSES � It was our first mini album and it was released in 93. Before that we had some demos, but this was our first official release. It was released only in Brazil. They say it`s a mini album, but it had 28 minutes on it. Reign in Blood had 30 minutes, but was never consider a mini album. We used 4 of the songs on Bloodshed and will probably use the remaining 5 songs in the future on some other record.

ET � Works of Carnage was released last year. It got some great reviews, but still doesn�t sell too well over here. What do you think is the reason for this?
MOYSES � Well, maybe in Norway it is like that. The record sells very well in the US. Maybe Norwegians are more into ancient black metal. I don`t know.

ET � You did a cover version of Venom`s �In League With Satan� on Works Of Carnage. Why did you choose that track?
MOYSES � Because we like Venom and they were one of our major influences. So it was time to do a cover song of them and we also have a lot of fun playing that song. It`s something special for the crowd and they like hearing it.

ET � It`s been said that Krisiun is the most brutal death metal band around. What is your own opinion on that?
MOYSES � I don`t think so. There are so many brutal heavy bands today. There isn`t one that is the best or the most brutal or whatever. We have released 6 albums already where we play the real brutality of pure death metal. It`s hard to see that there are bands out there that have 6 official records where there is blastbeats or whatever. But it`s not about that. We do what we feel like. We love playing brutal, fast or whatever, but it`s not a competition. There are so many bands that are brutal nowadays, and I don`t see us on the top or something. I don`t see anyone at the top, because together we are the death metal legion.

ET � As brothers, has it always been easy to be in the same band?
MOYSES � Yes, it is very good, because when bands usually get some personal problems, they might break up. But we as brothers we can have problems as the rest, but the next day we have forgot everything. We know we are brothers but we get along as normal friends and normal musicians. We are in the same band because we share the same passion for the music.

ET � You have been touring with other Norwegian black metal bands earlier. (Satyricon, Old Man`s Child, Dimmu Borgir, Immortal and Gorgoroth, and this time it`s Ragnarok. Do you listen to black metal yourself?
MOYSES � I like some black metal, the old stuff from bands like Dark Funeral and Marduk.

ET � The Brazilian death metal scene has a very brutal sound, but not many bands are too well known for the fans outside of Brazil. There are bands like Sepultura, Krisiun, Nephasth, Sarcofago and Rebaelliun. What would you say about the scene today?
MOYSES � There is a lot of bands, but I guess some bands are afraid to put to much effort into the band. Many of the guys playing in bands in Brazil have to share the time in the band with daytime jobs. The bands you mentioned were the bands that really went for it. Especially Sepultura helped us outside Brazil; they worked really hard to become what they are. To come from Brazil is a lot different from coming from the US or Europe. We have to work harder. But there are a lot of great bands, but unfortunately they are afraid to go for it. I guess that is the main reason why many bands in Brazil are unknown to the people outside Brazil.

ET � Is there any other bands besides the ones I mentioned that you feel have the potential to make it?
MOYSES � I feel that any band can make it as long as they have a strong desire in their heart to become a real band.

ET � Rebaelliun, what ever happened to them?
MAX � They broke up about a year ago. That`s what happened.

ET � I have one more question for you. Are Krisiun ready for Norway?
MOYSES � Yes we are.

ET – And are Norway ready for Krisiun?
MOYSES � Hehe, we hope so.

ET � I am really looking forward to the gig tonight.
MOYSES � We are going to give our best here. Just try to give you some brutal death metal. Some people like it, some not. It`s not going to stop me.

Og med det endte samtalen, og undertegnede forflyttet seg en etasje opp for et m�te med John McEntee, sjefen sj�l i Incantation. Men det er et helt annet intervju som du nok m� finne deg i � vente litt p�.