SEUM – new single and split album out

SEUM – new single and split album out

SEUM is a bass-only sludge band from Montreal (Canada) formed by 3 doom veterans formerly in  Lord Humungus (Gaspard – vocals),  Mlah! (Piotr – bass),  and  Uluun (Fred – drums).
Adding a ferocious punk energy to our New Orleans inspired sludge, we are known for our intense live performances, DIY workaholic attitude and nihilistic, tongue-in-cheek lyrics.
SEUM means Venom in Arabic and is French slang for disappointment and frustration: No guitars.

The Canadians have released Problems, the first single of Conjuring – their upcoming split with Temple of the Fuzz Witch – on today June 15th 2024 on Black Throne Productions!

Issues and addiction are the main topics treated in the songs recorded for Conjuring and Problems is a playful way to introduce the listeners to them before it all gets darker and more serious on the two other tracks.

Musically speaking, those are the heavier and catchier songs to date and should please those who dug the band’s previous albums Winterized and DOUBLE DOUBLE and all fans of Weedeater, Eyehategod and Iron Monkey.

Then they will fly to Europe for the Problems Tour which will take the band through France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland from June 20th to June 30th.

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