VYÖNI – new album released

VYÖNI – new album released

Music from the silent forests and the stormy seas…

VYÖNI is the studio-based playground for musician, composer and producer Kim-Frode H.Wøhni (b.1976). Inspired by early 70’s progressive rock, jazz, post-rock, yoik and even more cinematic landscapes, many ingredients are thrown into the mix. All of the instrumental tunes are dynamically evolving around melodic themes and grooves, both improvised and arranged. Truly unique blend!
VYÖNI – The Tripoint – Released, April 26h, out on all digitat platforms. Vinyls are expected to be shipped in May

Kim-Frode H.Wøhni: Guitar, bass, field recordings, keys and programming: drums, rhodes, mellotron, clavinet, saxophone, vibraphone and strings. Mix and production.

Mastering: Jacob Holm-Lupo, Dude Ranch Studio

Label: Loftysound Recordings

Cover photo: Kenneth Solfjeld

Genre: progressive rock, instrumental, post-rock, cinematic, jazz

Side V:

Way Up North

Steep Mountainside

Tales From the Ferries


Side W:

Trip to Kilpis

The Day After

The Tripoint

Shaky & Stirred

Heating the Sauna

Total playing time: 45:24

T-Time Vinyl Plant LRLP001

180 g black vinyl

Included cover insert: free album download code from bandcamp.

So remember a while back I was singing the praises of a new Norwegian band that reminded me a bit of Landberk or Finnish bands like Malady? The band is VYÖNI, and now they’ve released a first single from their forthcoming album. I did master the album, but no-one’s paying me to tell you how much I adore this band and album. All-instrumental, and mixing that Nordic prog vibe with some more modern aesthetics leaning towards post-rock. Do check it out!

 –Jacob Holm-Lupo (White Willow, The Opium Cartel ++)

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