MESSIER 16 – new single

MESSIER 16 – new single

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MESSIER 16 releases new track Death Poem II: Hollow’s Death Drive

The character Hollow gets their musical portrait in this song, a true story about a woman in modern time who chooses assisted death. In conversation with their near and dear, she’s forced to express her suffering from tinnitus, which prowls her mind. In these conversations it is laid bare that her day to day is far from that, but rather a ruthless eternity of burning moments: haze rift, eye-rend, holed brain, bone curl, ear sore. Unique words and imagery is needed to justify this action to her close ones, who through these descriptions comes to terms with losing the dearest they have. At the end of these conversations, the parties ultimately recognize that the only way to finally get rest, is also to rest eternally. The woman’s glow sank from deep argent, then to silent blue, and finally to an abrasive white.

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Jonas Ulrik Eide comments:

Assisted death is practised in very few parts of the world, and in this bittersweet death poem you learn about someone who reached a point where it was necessary. The music lays a foundation of imagery for the woman’s suffering, a tinnitus that manifests itself as intense noise from trains braking – rumbling lows and screeching highs. The track is long and insistent, further illustrating the feeling of endlessness. The pseudonym Hollow is given, not because of the state of the character, but because of its yearning – to rather have freedom in the void, than to be filled to the brim with screeching dissonance.

The track is taken from the upcoming album, Death Poems, with a release on November 17th, 2023.

About the album:

Oslo-based group Messier 16 is now ready with their second album, a musical tetraptych of atmosphere, tristesse and aggression. Their work titled Death Poems tells the stories of 4 individuals, and their tragic journeys as described by their own suicide letters. Hollow. Patience. Barefoot. Unknown. Four pseudonyms.

The album is titled Death Poems and further develops their aggressive and melancholic blend in extreme metal. The tracks portray 4 individuals as a homage to their strengths, honesty, desperation and despair – in which the band found its inspiration.

The songs are written to fit the characters and storytelling of each individual, following the lyrics closely, with songs carrying everything from lush and empathic orchestral parts over beautiful chord progressions, to train-like rhythmical cacophony and chaos, and all the way to despondency and utter desperation in intense blast beats and dissonant riffs.

These portrayals are then in turn followed each by their respective Rest. A short illustrated reflection of their deaths, a moment’s contemplation over their own passing, a frame. The album has an almost linear increase in intensity and is meant to be heard in one sitting – as a tetraptych – four images on a wall.


Messier 16 is an Oslo-based band in the realm of atmospheric and progressive black metal. The band was formed in 2017 by Jonas Ulrik Eide, and after years of writing, they released their debut album iota in 2021. Messier 16 is ready with their second album, Death Poems, with a release on November 17th, 2023.


Jonas Ulrik Eide – Guitars & Writing
Sondre M. Svalastog – Vocals
Laszlo Juhos – Drums
Aleksander Ilievski – Guitars
Nicoló Cavallaro – Bass

Messier 16


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