STATUS QUO – Official Archive Series Vol. 1, Amsterdam 2010

STATUS QUO – Official Archive Series Vol. 1, Amsterdam 2010

  • Rating: 5 / 6


This nicely packaged offering by legendary British boogie rockers Status Quo is a real treat to the eyes and ears; the booklet, band pictures, and overall layout look killer, and the actual musical content kicks ass.

Recorded at the well-known Heineken Hall in Amsterdam back in October of 2010, these two discs (I got my hands on the CD version) captures the unfiltered power and delight of watching these seasoned veterans tear it up on stage and deliver a whole slew of classics along with a few deep cuts or lesser-known tunes. Raw yet perfectly balanced and surprisingly punchy, the mix is absolutely splendid and embodies a palpable energy that is outright uplifting and charming as hell. Although the set list primarily veers toward the classic material from the seventies, which is obviously a great thing and hardly anything to complain about, it is fantastic to hear latter-day tracks such as ‘Beginning of the End’, ‘The Oriental’, and the rapturous ‘Creeping Up on You’ make an appearance.

The group sound like a well-oiled machine that is having the time of their lives, and there is a certain amount of conviction and authority to the renditions included here that makes this an absolutely joy.  

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