RIBOZYME – new single out

RIBOZYME – new single out

Ribozyme releases third and last single Square from upcoming new album “Celestial Low” due out late October

Ribozyme produced by Spidergawd mastermind, Per Borten, you say? What a great idea!

After great reviews for their hard rock jem “Argute” released in 2019, the Bergen quartet have spent their time writing and going on cabin trips with guitars in their luggage.
The goal with having Per Borten produce this was to capture the live energy, and also to have more of an organic sound to the recordings.
So isn’t it pretty awesome that Ribozyme is delivering shamelessly catchy rock tunes in 2023? We think so!

So enjoy.


Kjartan Ericsson vocals, guitars
Bård Kristinson, bass
Cato Olaisen , drums
Thomas Lønnheim, gutars

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