DEADLY CARNAGE – new single and info about upcoming album

DEADLY CARNAGE – new single and info about upcoming album

Italian Post-Black Metal combo DEADLY CARNAGE will release their fifth full-length “Endless Blue” this September via ATMF.

A concept album based on Japanese folklore, “Endless Blue” is inspired by the legend of Urashima Tarō and is a journey through the dark ocean depths. It is a story of descent and ascent; DEADLY CARNAGE aim to create a crepuscular sound made of lights and shadows, between the marine surface and the abyss, where each song represents a chapter of a single story in which the voice is free to narrate.

Ahead of the album’s release, the band unveiled their lead single, “Swan Season”, on which they stated:

Ayakashi” is a Japanese term that indicates a spirit apparition on the sea surface; In Nagasaki prefecture ghosts are said to appear in the waves in the form of blue lights, they are the vengeful spirits of those who died at sea and appear to the living to lead them to them. “Swan Season” tells this legend through its suspended and repeated riffs in which the voice sadly sings of the loneliness and attraction that leads it towards these ghostly lights.”


“Endless Blue” was recorded at Domination Studio by Simone Mularoni (guitarist of DGM) using mainly 70’s tube amps and analog effects, and avoiding any type of drum sampling.

The Album will be available digitally on September 15th, on Digipack A5 on September 29th and on LP on December 15th.


01 – Dying Sun (5:58)

02 – Sublime Connection (5:52)

03 – The Clue (3:51)

04 – Blue Womb (4:48)

05 – Mononoke (5:19)

06 – Swan Season (4:30)

07 – Moans, Grief and Wails (4:15)

08 – Unknown Shores (4:20)








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