DIRTY HONEY – 17.06.2023 – Bergen, Norway

DIRTY HONEY – 17.06.2023 – Bergen, Norway

VENUE: Bastionen
DATE: 17.06.2023
ORGANIZER: Bergen Live
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The awesome purveyors of atomic hard rock from California known as Dirty Honey paid the lovely city of Bergen a visit on a hot and sunny Saturday afternoon and were a part of the Bergenfest festival lineup. These gentlemen have been making quite a name for themselves these past few years and I was curious as to how their spirited and infectiously catchy tunes would come across in a live setting.

The quartet wasted no time and immediately grabbed the audience by the collar, embarking on a bluesy, punchy, and utterly dynamic musical odyssey that was as captivating as it was entertaining. Their compositions are easy to absorb yet they contain a lot of depth and plenty of light and shade, and although one could draw parallels to Led Zeppelin, Bad company, and perhaps even Rival Sons, Dirty Honey have so much style and charisma that they very much feel like an outfit with a sound and identity of their own. Saturday’s performance lacked neither power nor groove, and they played with a tremendous sense of confidence and focus that was quite inspiring to watch and experience. The sound was excellent, the atmosphere was electric, and fiery, passionate tracks such as ‘Heartbreaker’, ‘Dirty Mind’, ‘Don’t Put Out the Fire’, ‘Another Last Time’, and ‘Won’t Take Me Alive’, and the irresistible ‘Rolling 7s’ were superb and left us wanting for more. A great and memorable gig by a kick-ass act whose brand of vintage rock looks to the future.


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