SPLIT//BITE – to release debut EP

SPLIT//BITE – to release debut EP

Norwegian metallic hardcore four-piece group SPLIT//BITE will release their debut EP “404 ends” on June 9th via Loyal Blood Records

SPLIT // BITE is a fresh new four-piece group from Bergen, Norway, yet all members have a vast experience in other projects from the local hardcore and metal scene. The band’s debut EP “404 ends” shows a highly-energized quartet playing a chaotic and pummeling metallic hardcore full of heavy riffs and caustic vocals. 

Set for release on Loyal Blood Records owned by Yngve Andersen of Blood Command fame, this new EP is according to the band “about establishing a precedence in a society defined by cultural norms adapted to your average joe. With this we bring about subjects like existential anxiety, apathy, and also artistic freedom. We preach this through our intensive tempo, and a clear message from start to end.”


The band adds the following descriptions about the songs of the EP:
“Naked Lunch” is based on the theme of chaos and how it embraces itself on both the individual and collective level. The title track is taken from the novel by William S. Burroughs and draws partly from the plot, while also questioning the consequences of neglecting the subjective side of chaos. Why does it seem that many are bound to the known while the fear of the unknown is so great? The outro of the song was something we made and changed while in the studio and I think it made the song.

 “Error Ends” is a song that addresses anxiety, existentialism, and the influence we all, in a way, encounter in our everyday lives, some more than others, of course. Everything from political propaganda to influencers and how this contributes to collective brainwashing. 
While going through the mixes, we felt like the breakdown needed another drop before the vocals joined in. And I believe the feedback/rise effect really gets your head banging.

“Forgotten Place” delves into the complexity of self-awareness and development. Breaking a pattern one has built up, and how easy it is to fall back into old habits and end up in a loop. Meeting oneself and one’s shadow can be a way to see the various aspects of the whole individual.

“Why achieve nirvana when I can play video games instead” revisits the themes one can hear in “Error Ends,” but also explores the consequences of ignoring or turning a “blind eye” to these aspects of oneself.

“A proud ship far from shore”, last song on the EP, first one that was made together at our rehearsal studio. The theme explores the encounter with hypocritical attitudes, words spoken, and actions that show the opposite.



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