GERSEY DEOFUL – Gersey Deoful

GERSEY DEOFUL – Gersey Deoful

Here is a grim and ugly treat for all you lovers of raw, unfiltered black metal from the American underground, namely the self-titled offering by the skilled horde from New Jersey known as Gersey Deoful.  

This short and concise 6-track EP is only seventeen minutes long but do not let that fool you into thinking that it does not pack a shitload of sinister emotions and haunting atmospheres capable of enthralling you pretty much from the get-go. Simply put, this is the real deal in terms of evoking a thick, pagan-esque vibe that speaks of all things demonic, forbidden, and occult in a convincing manner.

Musically, it reminds me ever so slightly of Forgotten Woods and early Gorgoroth, which arguably has more to do with the morose and brooding aura of the compositions as opposed to the actual riffing or the song arrangements. Regardless, the output does carry that mid-to-late 90s caustic black metal feel that is so gloriously seductive and strangely appealing. The enigmatic hooks and notable melancholy of ‘We Do Not Lack for Light’ make that a personal favorite to this writer, but ‘…And so the Crows All Whisper’ is also a sturdy piece of work that boasts some fantastically hypnotic riffs not to mention some outstanding bass playing.  

The layout and cover artwork look killer, I keep discovering cool details and nuances every time I spin the disc, and there are some gripping textures for you to find within the harsh sphere of this sonic curse.  

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