WEBB – Deadly Sins and Virtues

WEBB – Deadly Sins and Virtues

BAND URL: https://www.webbofficial.com/

Melodic metal with progressive overtones and a huge amount of groove that works like a charm – how could I not love this well-written and inspired output by the British act named Webb?!

The riffs are meaty and pack a lot of punch, there is finesse and sophistication to the song arrangements, and the record possesses a natural and organic flow where things simply gel. These guys vary the pace too, and you need to stay sharp and focused when digesting this emotionally charged disc so that you do not miss out on all the subtle details and surprising elements that these nine tracks serve up. With its crunchy sound and modern production values, this is quite the tasty musical treat that a lot of heart and soul obviously went into crafting, and I love the fact that the concept and lyrical content are so poignant and convincingly reflect the ills of modern society while simultaneously carrying a spirit and message of hope. Maybe there is light at the end of the tunnel? So yeah, dark yet uplifting stuff, if that makes sense? The interplay between the three musicians is impressive, but more importantly, these gentlemen write killer tunes as evidenced by the anthemic ‘Keep Fighting’, the semi-gloomy ‘Spread Your Wings’, the aggressive ‘Can’t Break Me’, and the defiant ‘Stay Alive’ – all of which feature some nicely dramatic vocals. Even the cover rendition of ‘Knights in White Satin’ is clever and creative.

A recommended listen and definitely something that has the potential to appeal to many rock and metal fans out there. Impressive!

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