VULTURE INDUSTRIES – info about upcoming album

VULTURE INDUSTRIES – info about upcoming album

Dark Essence Records have announced that VULTURE INDUSTRIES will be making a very welcome return back to the label’s roster, and that preparations are under way for the release of the band’s fifth full-length album.

Rising from out of the ashes of the Goth band DEAD ROSE GARDEN in 2003, VULTURE INDUSTRIES established a lineup formed of Bjørnar Erevik Nilsen on vocals and keys, Eivind Huse on guitars and vocals, Øyvind Madsen on guitars, Kyrre Teigen on bass and vocals, and Tor Helge Gjengedal  on drums.  It was a lineup that gelled right from the outset and has remained unchanged for two decades now. 


Releasing two critically acclaimed albums, “Dystopia Journals” and “The Malefactor’s Bloody Register”, and touring extensively during their first four years, VULTURE INDUSTRIES perfected their stagecraft and forged a reputation as a theatrical and hugely entertaining live act.

The release of “The Tower” in 2013 and 2017’s “Stranger Times” demonstrated just what a wide appeal VULTURE INDUSTRIES has, both on stage and in the studio.  The fact that the band collaborated with a variety of artists undoubtedly aided in their audience’s growing enthusiasm, but it also showed how many established names, both musical and artistic, wanted to be part of the VULTURE INDUSTRIES experience.

The only other official release since then was 2019’s single “Deeper” in 2019, which became the band’s most streamed song with 1,5 million plays on Spotify, and “Matpakkevise” on Jubaleumsplate, which was a tribute to the Norwegian artist Knudsen og Ludvigsen.

It was then that the world as we knew it changed with the arrival of the pandemic and halted any plans any band may have had for tours and new albums.  Although VULTURE INDUSTRIES did enter a state of creative hibernation, they did, nevertheless, manage to spread some happiness amongst their fans by producing and streaming shows from historic locations around Bergen, one from the town’s last public brothel and the other from a historical cloth factory, along with some Covid-Safe concerts in Norway.

With the world opening up again, VULTURE INDUSTRIES played a number of festivals during 2022 which whetted the band’s appetite for creativity, and, with a renewed enthusiasm, they entered the studio and began finalizing the composing and recording of “Ghosts from the Past” which will be released in June of this year – more details will follow.


The following live appearances have so far been confirmed for VULTURE INDUSTRIES this year:

15 Apr – Kvarteret, Bergen: 20 year anniversary (NO)
28 Apr – Ogna Scene, Ogna (NO)
16 Jun – Vaterland, Oslo (NO)
17 Jun – Good Omens, Trondheim (NO)
28/29 Jul – Artmania Festival, Sibiu (RO)

More information about VULTURE INDUSTRIES can be found on Facebook at and on the band’s website  at




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