ARV – new EP out

ARV – new EP out

Photo-credit: Marius MADA Dale

ARV: ‘Varmint’ EP From Norwegian Arctic Post-Metal/Death Outfit OUT NOW Through VINTER RECORDS.

“Norwegian post-metal crew Arv have put together three songs that blast forward without hesitation, packing sharp and deeply nuanced post-metal into tight song structures that don’t even consider pausing. The band often dips into hardcore for cues on songwriting and delivery, but they balance that upfront brutish delivery with a surprisingly poignant sense of melody and drama.” Invisible Oranges (US)

“‘Fury’ hits like a cyclone that dropped from the sky without warning… a cyclone of fire… which rampages in the midst of a violent earthquake. It moves at riot speed, propelled by furious drumming and magma-like bass upheavals. The riffing swarms and sears, boiling in sounds of despair as well as rage, while the vocals expel stunning screams that sound like a man being torn inside out, holding nothing back. No Clean Singing (US)
Watch the music video for ‘Fury’

The Oslo underground is as thriving as ever, even during the recent pandemic. One of the better new outlets, as a result of this, is ARV.
The post-metal five-piece is going at it full throttle and has made its mark in the local live scene over past year, most recently leaving everyone in awe after their intense and pummeling live offering at Høstsabbat in Oslo. They clearly have their minds set on not paving their way silently.
ARV caters to lovers of intensifying chugs, caustic screams and creative drum patterns, all seamlessly combined with expansive ambience and more mellow, cinematic passages. The songwriting and muscianship in this band is something else, and to top this off,  ARV is fronted by legendary ex-Kollwitz singer Frederik Hillestad, always serving the audience the most ferocious vocals with a stage presence unmatched.
Early 2023 will see the first physical release from ARV, and a limited 7» inch is on its way via VINTER RECORDS. Those of you fortunate enough to have witnessed this entity live, know they are a sleeping giant, shining light in the darkest of nights –  and their recorded output is no different.
ARV is here to destroy, none prisoners taken.
ARV is:
Frederik Hillestad: Vocals
Jens Hovden Storaker: Bass
Marius Bowitz: Guitar
Christian Nordheim: Guitar
Bjarne Burger Olafsen: Drums


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