Review by Karina Noctum

Full photo gallery form the event: https://eternal-terror.com/2023/02/25/katatonia-solstafir-oslo-24-02-2023/

SOM were the opening act that evening. They are promoting their new album The Shape of Everything. The concert experience that SOM brought to us was a pretty dark one, but it was full of ambience. They are in many senses the perfect choice to open for Solstafir and especially Katatonia since the Americans have a blend of melodious post-rock, shoegaze with melancholic and dark doom influences. Their music translated well live and their reverbs and other distortions added depth to the music making the live experience interesting.

Sólstafir played a varied setlist and entertained with good songs and many build-ups. They also interacted a lot with the cheerful audience. It is also always pretty special to see their songs in Icelandic being performed live, making their music a good cultural experience. 

It felt pretty good to finally be able to see Katatonia in Oslo after many years waiting. It was a pretty special experience to see songs like July, My Twin, Deliberation, Evidence among others being performed live with all the feeling they give still intact in their live performance. In addition, they played many songs from their newest album Sky Void of Stars that was released earlier this year. Their newest songs continue conveying Katatonia’s essence, making the concert experience a cohesive one.


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