DATADYR – 23.02.2023 – Bergen, Norway

DATADYR – 23.02.2023 – Bergen, Norway

VENUE: Apollon Platebar
DATE: 23.02.2023
ORGANIZER: Apollon Platebar/Is It Jazz? Records

Being a huge fan of Datadyr’s two outputs on Is it Jazz? Records, it goes without saying that yours truly could not miss out on the ridiculously skilled trio’s mini-concert at the awesome and always attractive Apollon Platebar in the city center yesterday.

With the band’s deftly executed Keymaster EP set to be released the following day, this enjoyable and riveting half-hour performance was a fabulous way to celebrate it hitting the street literally six hours later. On top of that, it was the perfect opportunity to experience just how infinitely great the three musicians sound when they lock into a groove together and then drift into a musically adventurous world of their own where explosive jazz, rock, and melancholy Americana collide. From hard-hitting and intense passages to strangely surreal and woozy vibes, the expansive soundscapes conjured up by these guys are a most rewarding listen. The superb Woolgathering album was nicely represented in the setlist last night, but the highlight was undoubtedly the Keymaster title track – a proper musical tour de force that left the small congregation of attendees speechless. The sound was brimming with power and energy too, which was obviously a good thing.

The interplay and chemistry between the three members of the outfit were out of this world on this night as was their engrossing song material. What a perfect way to spend a Thursday afternoon. Pure musical bliss!

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