EUFORY – release new signle

EUFORY – release new signle

Hitmakers and modern power/heavy metallers EUFORY present the second single “Day for Night”, reveal details of the new album, which will be released as a digipak and digitally, and launch pre-sales.

In early December, Slovakia’s EUFORY opened a fifth dimension with their falling into nowhere, giving fans a glimpse of what awaits them on their third album, “Fifth Dimension”.

With a listen to the second single and lyric video “Day for Night” from the forthcoming album, which has also started pre-sale, we come to the very end of the album. And let’s not kid ourselves, a large amount of listeners don’t really notice the end of full-lenght playing albums anymore, at least they lose their attention. EUFORY have approached this with foresight. With the final track of the album, they have struck a final blow that will hold the listener’s attention until the last second of listening, for “Day for Night” is a kind of “spark in a divine dream” that, although the lyrics are abstract, ignites in the listener, along with the music, a passion and a desire to delve further into its addictive melodies.

Lyric video „Day for Night“

The currently released song of the ten-track set, which will be released at the end of March, is a supercharged song that pumps the listener with an intoxicating euphoric energy just like the effect of a blue lotus. It’s a song “to which you can dance, jump and rave as a hell,” and one that, in the words of guitarist Stefan, should be on every record.


Tracklist of Fifth Dimension:
1. Nile
2. Fifth Dimension
3. Afterglow
4. Waiting For The Rain
5. Never Stay At Home
6. The Scent In The Room
7. Promise Of Tomorrow
Falling Into Nowhere
9. Forever Too Late
10. Day For Night


lyric video Day For Night

video Falling into Nowhere

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