• Rating: 4 / 6


Renowned power metal stalwarts Stratovarius are back with their first new album in seven years, and if you are a sucker for technically dazzling yet catchy music then you might fancy giving this majestic opus of theirs a whirl. All the band’s trademarks are firmly in place here, and there is no mistaking that unique sound and identity of theirs. What makes Survive a more enjoyable and entertaining listen to these ears when compared to the last few outputs is the fact that the veteran act sounds re-energized and utterly determined to deliver a kick-ass slab of exhilarating metal this time around. Apart from two mediocre tracks, namely the pedestrian ‘Firefly’ and the frustratingly anticlimactic album closer ‘Voice of Thunder’, there are some truly juicy snacks for you to devour in the shape of ‘Broken’, ‘Frozen in Time’, ‘Glory Days’, and ‘Breakaway’.

The record does feel slightly stiff and rigid on occasion due to the production, but overall, Survive is a fine addition to the ensemble’s discography, and Stratovarius sure know how to craft an-impressively heavy and powerful composition. Well worth a handful of spins/streams.

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