66CRUSHER – new single

66CRUSHER – new single

Welcome to your time in Limbo!

Distrust is the first single from Limbo – the fourth album by Norwegian progressive thrashers 66crusher, and the second one on the label Gymnocal industries. The themes this time revolve around dying, what happens after death, trench life during the first World War, a forever sailing ghost ship, and uncovering ancestral secrets.

Limbo is not a concept album, but lingering and being stuck in time or between two worlds is a red thread throughout the album. Musically the band has developed a lot from “Wanderer” (2015), but you can very much see the lineage all the way back to the 2007 debut “Truth Unmasked”. Fast and aggressive, yes, but always making room for great hooks and melodies. Never fearing to do something unexpected to throw the listeners out of their comfort zone.

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