WIZRD – Seasons

WIZRD – Seasons

BAND URL: https://www.facebook.com/WIZRDTHEBAND/

Fancy something different? The musically enticing new act named Wizrd is about to release this spirited and energetic slab of utterly cool and catchy rock music via Karisma Records, and let me start out by saying that you should add it to your list of albums to check out if experimental rock appeals to you.

Is it prog-ish jazz rock or perhaps jazz prog or something else entirely? Trust me when I say that it rocks like a motherfucker and that its eight varied tracks are constantly in motion. From frantic to laid back and further on to completely bonkers, this is an output that is both focused and playful. Take ‘Free Will‘, which is my absolute favorite here along with the hazy ‘Spitfire‘, where the introductory section is both way out there and strangely restless but with the power to suck you in from the very first flourish of notes – THAT is how these skilled dudes roll! Actually, the whole song is like that and there are many more examples of brilliant dynamics than that piece present on the disc. Memorable yet challenging, if that makes sense?

The seemingly boundless creativity and endearing disregard for conventional songwriting only adds to the record’s unique character and there is an audacious approach to the arrangements and structures, and this crunchy-sounding effort is nothing less than a treasure trove of splendid melodies, warped riffs, and engrossing textures. Regardless of whether you consider yourself a fan of prog, jazz, hard rock, or psychedelic desert rock, you should seriously consider giving this imaginative offering roughly 600 spins as it will get underneath your skin and blow you away. Is this album in fact what it would sound like if Cream, Van der Graaf Generator, Jimi Hendrix, and Soft machine had a jam together? Regardless, it is magnificent and all-out groovy, and the lyrics are superb too. Highly recommended!

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