WHEN ANGELS COME – new single ‘About You’

WHEN ANGELS COME – new single ‘About You’

South African / Dutch Rock Singer-Songwriter Jacques van der Merwe (performing under the name When Angels Came) is back with his commanding new single ‘About You’ (produced by Mark Beling).

This riffy rock belter serves as a stern warning not to take family and friends for granted in your daily drive for success. Jacques shares that “Sometimes we can blindly get caught up in ourselves, and selfishly leave loved ones and friends behind on the grind to get to the top. Then, when you get there, you realise you are alone, and the sacrifice was too big and not worth it. It’s pointless being there alone, and not having anyone to share it with. It is important to always maintain a healthy balance. Work, family, and friends must always be balanced, intertwined, and connected, to provide happiness and meaningful fulfilment. If you sacrifice your friends and family, you will only end up alone at the top, which is pointless and depressing. Use your time wisely, as it is not just about you!”

Author Asher Locketz – @alocketz1 – has written the below about this really moving composition:

“When hearing “About You” by When Angels Came, you will be spirited away to a sonic continuum where infectious melodies, mammoth riffs and effervescent vocals meld together with sparkling artistry and seamless musicality. Bringing to mind groups like Hum, Sunny Day Real Estate and Breaking Benjamin “About You” is a premium piece of heartfelt song-craft that contains a killer chorus that will continue to set your brain ablaze long after its runtime.

When Angels Came is the moniker under which Jacques Van Der Merwe creates music. With the assistance of producer Mark Beling, Jacques has crafted an incandescent anthem that mixes big, stadium size riffs, glistening melodies and commanding vocals with acumen.
This tribute to the value of loved ones, friends and family will captivate you with its dazzling songcraft and galvanic tempo. As Jacques sings “We’ve got everything to gain, every single day” his positivity and optimism will set your being ablaze with luminosity.

“About You” will be available for your listening pleasure on the 30 of September. Do yourself a favour and check it out from https://linktr.ee/whenangelscame

Artist: When Angels Came

Song Title: About You

Duration: 03:25

Genre: Alternative Indie Rock

Country: South Africa / Netherlands

UPC # 197147956632

ISRC # QZNWS2293903

Release Date: 30 September 2022

Publisher: Independent

Written & Performed by Jacques van der Merwe 

Produced by Mark Beling

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