I must admit that previous to getting my filthy paws on this deeply evocative 2022 opus by Breidablik titled “Alduorka”, I was only familiar with the album named “Nhoohr” (2019) by this excellent experimental synth/ambient/electronic music ensemble, but judging by the quality of these two LPs, I think it is safe to say that I simply have to check out the Norwegian act’s entire discography shortly.

With its rich textures and brilliant melodies, there is beautifully haunting quality to these six surreal-sounding compositions that defies definition. Evoking images and visions of snow-clad mountains, desolate landscapes, lonely moors, and overgrown paths, “Alduorka” transports the listener to a different plane of existence altogether and lends itself perfectly to contemplation and solitude. Musically and stylistically speaking, it owes quite a lot to the Berlin School of electronic music but it also feels somewhat progressive and forward-thinking thanks to the way in which the guitars, drums, flutes, and bass have been incorporated into the song material. There is a sense of energy there that I find lacking in many other similar-sounding releases. Things flow organically from one thing to the next and the layers that are woven together are simply staggering at times. On top of that, none of the tracks ever outstay their welcome and the output feels like a concise and focused affair with a heartfelt sense of yearning coursing through it. 

Your soundtrack to introspection has arrived and if Tangerine Dream appeals to you then you definitely need Breidablik’s sparkling new album in your collection. No, wait, you need this one regardless of whether you like Tangerine Dream or not. Just buy the fucking thing, okay?

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