FLORR JANSEN releases first single FIRE

FLORR JANSEN releases first single FIRE

From Finnish Hall of Fame & multi-platinum selling Nightwish to After Forever, one of the first ever symphonic metal bands, Floor Jansen has enjoyed major national and international success. Now, as artists return to the stage, Floor is set to make waves with her very first solo album. Friday, March 25th she releases the first single from the album, the brilliant “FIRE”.

Listen here – – https://open.spotify.com/track/6a4hIHS9wtWf2O0e8XgHGl?si=9caee9b09edc49a2 .

Her much applauded solo career exploded in 2019 when she surprised the Netherlands with her rendition of The Phantom of the Opera with Henk Poort during Beste Zangers. That year she won the Dutch Popprijs award, a prestigious award for artists that made the most important contribution to Dutch pop music. Her first solo tour, announced that same year, sold out in less than 24 hours, highlighting the strength of her passionate following.

While the world was reeling from the lack of live performances over the past two years, Floor took the opportunity to connect with her fans online. With livestreams and phenomenal cover songs gaining millions of views, she was more than capable of keeping fans, new and old, entertained while they waited for her solo music and live music to return.

2022 will prove to become Floor Jansen’s biggest year yet. She is set to be the Dutch ambassador for Record Store Day & participating in the internationally well-known TV format Sing Meinen Song Germany.

With the release of her very first solo single on Friday, fans worldwide are waiting to see what this powerhouse of music is bringing to the table, and the industry is taking note. With her undeniably pristine track record, there’s no doubt that Floor Jansen will be one of the most prominent names in music this year. 



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