FINGERNAILS – new video out

FINGERNAILS – new video out

Upcoming album by Italian act Fingernails has been completed just before the death of “Bomber” Santoni, and it also celebrates the group’s 40th anniversary (year of foundation: 1981). A lot of the songs are in a new style, never before encountered in the band’s history, and it is supposed to become the farewell of the historical Roman formation.

The work, scheduled for release early April, will be based on issues concerning the difficult moment experienced during the last two years due to the Covid19 epidemic, will be able to enjoy the best production ever obtained by the band during its long career and is preceded by the video of Infected. The below single was chosen as a single forerunner as it is the perfect synthesis of the group’s aggressiveness and genuineness – which has always been a quality unanimously recognized by the Capitoline – and of its absolute executive maturity.

More information on the upcoming release will be announced close to the official presentation via Blasphemous Art Records. In the meantime, let’s get ready to leave behind the Infected world that we have been accustomed to observe from 2020 to today and to pay homage to one of the most coherent and “true” groups in the history of Italian metal. the last scratch – 40th anniversary promises to be an unforgettable farewell.

Line up:

Angus” Bidoli – Guitar, vocals

Bomber” Santoni – Bass, vocals

Luca “the Filter” Cetroni – Drums (from Witchunter band)


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