DAMPF – releases debut single

DAMPF – releases debut single

With debut Album “The Arrival” Out June 3rd on Gramophone Records, the supergroup DAMPF releases debut single “THE OTHER SIDE”

”WHO or WHAT is responsible for these huge and brutal riffs, hooky melodies and catchy choruses?”

The answer is ”DAMPF”. DAMPF is a supergroup of heavy metal royalty led by almighty A-tron, who you may know from his career as Martin ”E-Type” Erikson.


Many years ago, Martin had a vision to combine the power of dark metal with pop melodies. But it wasn’t until recently when he was given a writing assignment by Eye to write the songs for 3 albums in this spirit, that he realized that the time for this dream had arrived.


Martin gathered together a bunch of his like minded musician friends and set about transforming that long standing vision into music form. The result is now finally complete. DAMPF has arrived: the future is not history-less and the dead are not gone.


”Our debut single ‘The Other Side’ is about reconnecting and socializing with those who are no longer alive. In ancient times, the dead and the memory of the dead were treated in a more vivid way. You saw them in nature, in the clouds of heaven and the flames of an open fire. The dead were absent but not gone. Everyone has seen a ghost but no one has been beaten by one. They just look scary, are interesting and usually kind. Let them know that you believe in them. ‘When you feel the other side – reach out. Let them know that you’re there’. And the great thing is that this song can be sung by both sides.” Martin says.


He continues, ”I had missed making new music for many years. A new song of E-type must be better than my old ones, which is so challenging that nothing was written at all. But when I received the letter from Eye, I was really happy and thought that now I can create something new that no one can compare with anything else. Not old or new, just simply DAMPF. I’ve been longing for distorted guitars since ‘Back in the Loop’ and ‘Free like a Flying Demon”, and now it’s time. Although, the joy is obviously obscured by an inexplicable war in Europe. It’s very sad, but the world needs new, strengthening music.”


Adding further fuel to an already flaming firepit, Martin called in the services of two very special friends for ‘The Other Side’. ”We had the pleasure of being joined by my old friend ___ ____, the eminent bassist in Bathory from the first wave of Black Metal along with my new friend, the incomparable lead guitarist Tommy Johansson from the great Sabaton.”


The release of “The Other Side” is accompanied by the amazing video, written by A-tron and directed by Ted Lindén.


So it’s time…. DAMPF is here. If you like it, YOU ARE DAMPF.


The new album, ‘The Arrival’, will be out via Gramophone Records 3rd June. Pre-sales starts today.


What is DAMPF – Dampf history?

The dream of Dampf started many years ago when I got the idea to combine the power of dark metal with pop melodies. But it was not until recently, when I was given a written assignment by Eye to write the songs for 3 albums in this spirit, that I realized that the time for this dream has now arrived. I have gathered the most talented of my musician friends and have now completed the first album to make her and our message audible: the future is not historyless and the dead are not gone.

Who is behind the Dampf?

Dampf’s songs are written by me and my venerable friend and producer colleague Beak in a wholehearted attempt to add words and melodies to the messages we received in the letters from Eye. We have been given free rein to invite musical forces from our sources of inspiration and have done so. Dampf is not a traditional music group but more of a collective of musical forces and the love for our music. The loving and welcoming revolving doors in the studio have not rested for many months now. In this way, all three albums will be produced. The core of the Dampf collective will be present along the way while others will migrate home to their own clans, to perhaps reappear for the next record. Or not. If you like Dampf, you are Dampf. The future is here.

Short history of Martins career

When I do not participate as A-Tron in Eye´s crusade, my name is Martin “E-type” Erikson and I have worked as a musician and songwriter since the time of skateboarding. I’ve done 6 albums and 37 singles, according to Wikipedia, and toured most of the known world with the help of my dear friends and producers Max Martin and Denniz PoP. Since I signed a contract with the devil to tour forever with my music, I will never release E-type but I think there is time for everything. And Eye demands that there is time for her and DAMPF.

Guests and collaborations

When I got free hands to make these records exactly as I wanted, the choice was easy to botanize among all the amazing creative people I met during my years in studios and on and behind the stage. I have played with some obvious guest artists such as Pontus “P-maker” Norgren from Hammerfall and Thomas “Songoftheship” Bjerlo from Stormfrun, but others I have invited because I look up to them as musicians: Johan “Big J” Hegg from Amon Amarth, Tommy “Lord Thorwald” Johansson from Sabaton, my old friends Shellback, who probably speaks for himself and Frederick “Hanoi” Melander from Bathory. I’m still waiting for an answer from dear Agneta Fältskog …

I can not swear that Eye exists or not but in the dream she was extremely clear in our conversation. “Start writing music again and do the best you can, get an awesome producer and put together a crazy band that can record and perform the songs and Dampf’s message as fast as you can for as many people as possible. And get yar ass out on the roads asap! You are not getting younger and the earth is heading south! Hurry!”

So I do as I was told.


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