Emasculated Vituperation release debut album

Emasculated Vituperation release debut album

Lurking in the diseased bowels of humanity, a despised outcast, a parasite ridden raptor dragging its rancid carcass through the sewers of the world. No heart, no soul…blinded by bitterness it preys on the vulnerable, desecrates beauty, spits pain from its twisted lips. A worm in the heart, feeding on the weak, a perverted cancer hiding in the shadows, an empty vessel filling that endless void of emotion with the agony of others…

As society collapses at ever greater speed and mankind lurches through the filth of its own creation towards and ending befitting our actions, new musical monstrosities are hatched in the torture dungeons and fetid basements of the world. New bestial expressions of extremity crawl from the darkness, armed with bone breaking blast beats and riffs carved from dead flesh, vocal exhortations draped in steaming entrails and a laughing disregard for the sensibilities of others. There is no more grotesque and ghastly example of this parade of atrocities than Taiwan’s Emasculated Vituperation. Their debut album, Rape Trauma Syndrome is an explosion of horror and breathtaking savagery – one minute dragging you through a charnel pit of rot and decay, the next subjecting you to a frenzied assault of shocking intensity. Drenched in the acidic bile of cruelty and drowning in unreasoning hatred, this is an album for the most desensitised and warped, those fatally addicted to the poisonous adrenaline rush of the brutal outer limits of slamming death metal.


The soul corroding grime of Rape Trauma Syndrome has been unleashed by the twin powers of Brutal Mind and Fat Tub Of Lard Records and features guest vocal appearances from Brandon Smith of Agonal Breathing and Xu Zhaiyu and Dongda of The Dark Prison Massacre. Beyond horror, beyond disgust, beyond revulsion you will find Emasculated Vituperation – tread carefully in this maze of sordid nightmares.

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