Collaborating with DJ W.O.L.F (WE OF LITTLE FAITH), Zimbabwe’s  NUCLEAR WINTER presents a dynamic remix of the track “The God Without Shadows”. The new single showcases a different shade of darkness drawing this track, first released early in NUCLEAR WINTER’s career, out of the buried depths and into greater experimental realms.

“I was very excited when I heard that Chris (W.O.L.F.) was keen to do a remix on one of my songs. He had chosen a couple of options from my Night Shift Album and from those I thought “The God Without Shadows” would be a good candidate for a remix. I’m really pleased with the result of what he did. I wasn’t sure what to expect initially but Chris did his thing and gave it a great industrial vibe which I’m very impressed with – and it was interesting to hear how someone else could re-work the sound and structure of the original track into this new version.”

The melodic/industrial death metal project devised by Gary Stautmeister thrives on producing hard hitting metal with a well-balanced fusion of electronics. Taken from the album, Nightshift, W.O.L.F artfully builds on the existing electronics in “The God Without Shadows” to further enhance the heaviness of the metal instruments and embellish the overall sound with an extra hit of power. Become immersed in the intense soundscape of soaring synths, thundering rhythms and epic melodies.



W&P by Gary Stautmeister aka Nuclear Winter
Remixed by Chris Hoy aka W.O.L.F.
Mastering Courtesy of Nexus Media Studios
Artwork provided by Gary Stautmeister

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