Addiktio – new album out

Addiktio – new album out

Photo by Håkon Sagen, design by Carl Stjärnlöv

Addiktio – Mesmerizing post-metal with a freaked-out prog undertone – release "Anthem for the Year 2020" via Indie Recordings

Energetic, majestic, melancholic – the music of Norway’s instrumental trio Addiktio knows many facets, incorporated into a stellar sonic experience! Bound into a cinematic vibe, the music narrates its stories through extraordinary instrumental compositions. Being instrumental has always been of benefit for the band, as it’s a great challenge to write music that keeps the listener engaged. As Ruben states, “That’s a thing we continuously keep in mind while writing”, proving that Addiktio think a lot when writing their tracks.

The progressive trio combines elements of jazz, math rock, post-metal, and even pop into their sound! Being influenced by fellow Norwegians like Motorpsycho, Shining and Elephant Nine to international artists as Mutemath, Mew and Led Zeppelin, the band creates the sonic expression full of effects, guitar patches, and experimentation. Even spices of djenty passages and Meshuggah-ish chains bound into guitar licks – that even King Crimson couldn’t have written more iconic – are a part of Addiktio’s musical vision.

Both the rhythmic approach and the melodic design of Addiktio’s music are equally important for their sonic output. “All three of us are really rhythmically focused in our playing style, but we love good melodies”, states the band, and continues: “Sometimes we like to create contrasts going from a dreamy, melodic vibe into heavier parts that are based around rhythmic riffs.”

“Anthem for the Year 2020” comes out as rhythmically centered music full of noisy effects, creeping melodies, and an ongoing groove full of little tweaks. The track’s sound ranges from psychedelic rock elements to mesmerizing post-metal – with a freaked-out prog undertone. There’s a special vibe within the music of Addiktio, as with all these influences, Addiktio create a unique blend of modern instrumental prog music.

Here you can listen to the already released singles: Anthem for the Year 2020 | Genetic Circus | North 

With this record, Addiktio deliver a unique soundtrack and leave us with plenty of possibilities for different interpretations. While it seems to be a middle finger to the year of the pandemic, it was already done before the pandemic hit in. “Its title took on a whole new meaning for us as the year took its toll”, says Ruben. Besides that, 2020 was a difficult year for the Norwegians as well. Postponed gigs and releases made it hard to get out on stages, however, there was room for geeking out in the studio and creating content. Addiktio’s result is their strongest material to date, underlining their thrive to write iconic music outside the box, while always cherishing their musical integrity and constantly delivering their strong vibes of energy, majesty, and melancholy.
Addiktio – “Anthem for the Year 2020” out on Oct 29th via Indie Recordings!

1. Anthem for the year 2020
2. Genetic circus
3. The grand farewell
4. Spectacle
5. Epidemic orchestra
6. Dreadmill
7. North
8. An ode to the end

Written by Håkon Sagen, Ruben Fredheim Oma and Thomas Gallatin
Produced by Håkon Sagen and Addiktio
Håkon Sagen: Guitars
Ruben Fredheim Oma: Bass
Thomas Gallatin: Drums
All songs produced by Addiktio
Drums and bass recorded at Nabolaget studios by Roar Nilsen
Live guitars on Epidemic orchestra and An ode to the end recorded at Nabolaget studios
Guitars mostly recorded by Håkon Sagen
Keys on 1, 3, 4 by Eiolf Ødegaard
Keys on 2 by Ruben Fredheim Oma and outrokeys by Eirik Fjelde
Keys on 4 and 8 by Eirik Fjelde
Mediocre keys on 6 by Håkon Sagen
Better keys on 6 by Syver Storskogen
Synthbass on 5 and 6 by Ruben Fredheim Oma
Mixed by Kai Worley
Mastered by Espen Høydalsvik at Oslo Fuzz
Artwork by Vilde Eskedal
Additional keyboards by Syver Storskogen

Håkon Sagen – Guitars
Thomas Gallatin – Drums
Ruben Oma – Bass