NÜR – Reveal New Track ‘The Snake’

NÜR – Reveal New Track ‘The Snake’

NÜR – Israel’s Post-Metal Collective Reveal New Track "The Snake" Via Heavy Blog Is Heavy

Two years following the release of their promising debut EP "Light Emerges", Israel’s post-metal collective NÜR are back with a new 3-track EP titled "Negative Transfer", scheduled for release on September 24 via Suicide Records

The leading single "The Snake" is already playing online, courtesy of Heavy Blog Is Heavy, who commented "…the more contemplative instrumentation near that aforementioned three minute mark sets up the track’s explosive last passage, whereupon the deeper vocals unleash all of their pent up energies on us. The end result is more of NÜR’s heavy, dark, and massive take on post-metal, spicing it with a punk-tinged punch that’s a joy to hear."

Listen to "The Snake here.

Amidst all the chaos running over their region, the Haifa-based collective still managed to write and record "Negative Transfer", 3-track EP that sees them channeling all the negative feelings and frustrations of everyday life into their music and the end result into is an emotional cathartic and intense effort replete with dense and heavy riffs, and anguished vocals. Pre-orders will be announced soon.