Intelligent Music Project VI ‘The Creation’

Intelligent Music Project VI ‘The Creation’

Intelligent Music Project VI “The Creation” Featuring Members of Rainbow, Black Sabbath, Asia, Styx, Nazareth and River Hounds!

Intelligent Music Project VI "The Creation" Feat. Ronnie Romero (Rainbow), Bobby Rondinelli (Black Sabbath, Rainbow), John Payne (ex-Asia), Todd Sucherman (Styx), Carl Sentence (Nazareth) and Richard Grisman (River Hounds)
After the great success of the previous album of the band Intelligent Music Project V "Life Motion", the expectations of the rock fans for the new one are logically high and we dare say that they will be fully justified!

This was said by the creator, producer and author of the music and lyrics of Intelligent Music Project Milen Vrabevski, MD.
"The Creation" is the newest piece of rock art by the Bulgarian businessman, philanthropist and patron of arts. In his own words, this is an album about the creative approaches, a key to success in a meaningful life.
The album showcases the chemistry and the creative style of all five previous albums of the supergroup. The musical diversity and the positive messages of the twelve songs from "The Creation" make it exclusively interesting and attractive to listen. Moreover the 6th album again features well-known, world famous, rock singers – Ronnie Romero (Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow, Michael Schenker Group, Vandenberg, Lords of Black), John Payne (ex-Asia) and Carl Sentence (Nazareth).

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"I think that ‘The Creation’ album is a second part of the first we did with Milen, which is the ‘Life motion’ album. It’s a good way to keep going with this positive message, with this creative way of telling the people that we can go through all this ‘modern life’ and the problems, and sadness. We’re trying to show the way of how to do it," said the lead vocalist of The Intelligent Music Project, Ronnie Romero.


"The Creation" is the 4th Intelligent Music Project album in a row in which the fans of the band can enjoy the beautiful voice of the ex-Asia lead singer John Payne. He says about the album: 

"‘The Creation’ continues the conceptual album work by the Intelligent Music Project. The team is amazing – from the songwriting to incredible musicianship, the production. This is a fantastic album and I am proud to be part of it!"
And while Ronnie and John are well known members of Intelligent Music Project from the previous albums, here comes the big surprise for the old hard rock lovers. The drums on the album are played by two brand new for the band, but otherwise legendary drummers – Bobby Rondinelli (Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow, Black Sabbath) and Todd Sucherman (Styx).
Bobby Rondinelli: "When Milen sent me the material I couldn’t believe how good it sounded and the demos sounded like a record already! I think ‘The Creation’ is an absolutely great album with all name players, all world class guys!"
Todd Sucherman: "It’s a very diverse record and has many different styles. It was really fun for me to play!"
This is the third album with the band also for the warm, progressive voice of Richard Grisman (River Hounds).

"The Creation" talks about the fear, the inner signals, voices and the techniques to cope with everyday life’s challenges. It is about the status of an empathetic witness of your own life.
"You should give ‘a hug to yourself,’ not to take life so seriously, and try to observe your own development from above. This is your spiritual part that rises above the hurdles of your own existence on Earth. You become an empathетic witness of your being. Any pain is to be wrapped up in your caring, but subtle attention of a witness, not a part of any problem. And you are a source of balance, love and harmony to the whole world, yourself included, so in this manner you open space for some new energy to be generated in your soul. It serves you to find solutions," said Milen Vrabevski.

The good messages continue in the next songs talking about the anger which often approaches us, but we need to remember that this is a world of injustice and if it is fair the way we imagine it, maybe it wouldn’t exist. 
"Let your humbleness dominate, instead. Try not to judge anyone, in spite of the challenges. This is how you generate energy to overcome the troubles. Your brain functions properly when not under the pressure of negative emotions," added Dr. Vrabevski.
All those messages, combined with a good progressive rock and all the stars participating in it, makes "The Creation" a must-listen masterpiece!

Along with Ronnie, John, Todd, Bobby, Carl and Rich on the recordings, some of the best Bulgarian musicians take part – Bisser Ivanov (guitars), Ivaylo Zvezdomirov (bass guitar), Vasil Vutev (drums, percussions) and Ivo Stefanov (keyboards).
"The Creation" is recorded, mixed and mastered by Ivo Stefanov at Intelligent Music Studios, Sofia, Bulgaria.

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Intelligent Music Project VI – "The Creation"
Author and producer: Milen Vrabevski, MD
Featuring: Ronnie Romero (lead and backing vocals), John Payne (lead and backing vocals), Bobby Rondinelli (drums and percussion), Todd Sucherman (drums and percussion), Carl Sentance (backing vocals and adlibs), Richard Grisman (lead and backing vocals)

Previous albums by the same author, featuring Simon Phillips, Ronnie Romero, Joseph Williams, John Payne, Nathan East, Tim Pierce, Carl Sentance & John Lawton are Intelligent Music Project I, II & III, IV, V respectively titled "The Power of Mind", "My Kind O’ Lovin’", "Touching the Divine", "Sorcery Inside", "Life Motion".